Review – Medieval Times

The other night I decided to take my wife out for a romantic dinner.  I had always wanted to visit Buena Park California and so I investigated dining opportunities in that area.  One place that sprung up was Medieval Times restaurant.  It looked like the perfect place for a secluded dinner for two.  I made a reservation and readied my appetite.

The Atmosphere:

When we pulled up, my heart raced a bit.  Castles are known around the world for being the perfect place for lovers.   What’s more romantic than a castle?  Not much.

The place is very popular and crowded.  This was a good sign because it reassured me that the food must be spectacular.

When we first entered the kingdom, we were ushered into a courtyard where people smoked and children ran around.  Then into a Great Room.

Inside the Great Room, there were many opportunities for us to conveniently purchase items that we may have forgotten at home.  Things like glowing plastic swords, glowing hats, glowing sticks, glowing cups, shiny swords, shiny hats, shiny cups, regular hats, regular swords and alcoholic beverages.

The restaurant had an unusual smell.  At first I thought it smelled slightly reminiscent of horse shit.  I soon realized it was the smell of actual horse shit.  This only enhanced the experience for us as it made it more authentic.  I imagined the days of yore when stately kingsmen would dine on a floor literally covered in horse feces.  I knew we were in for a treat.

The Food:

The menu was prix fixe, which I truly prefer.  This way, the chef has the freedom to do what he does best and we just get to enjoy it.  As an added bonus, the menu was printed on a paper napkin just like they would have had in old European castles.

We began our meal with an appetizer of perfectly cooked garlic bread and fresh tomato bisque.  The perfect start to a perfect meal and (although I did no research on the subject) I believe these foods are truly authentic to the time period.

At first, I was concerned that there was no silverware, but quickly fell into line as I came to realize that all of these little touches only enhanced the experience.

The chicken was perfectly roasted and seasoned to perfection.  The single spare rib and slice of potato were the perfect complement to the meal.  The small portions helped insure I’d have room for dessert.

The beverage selection was amazing.  I decided to go with the 64 oz Medieval Margherita for a truly authentic experience.

The “pastry of the castle” was flaky and delicious.  I think the chef’s secret is to use a recipe similar to the McDonalds apple pie filling, and filling it was.   The waiter took a shine to me and gave me two pastries instead of the requisite one.

I am going to have to deduct a Hank point for the coffee because it was somewhat weak and they only had non-dairy creamer.

At this time, I’d like to give a special shout out to our server, “Serf Scott” for providing wonderful service.

The Show:

As an added bonus to our meal, we were surprised to find out that the staff had prepared a show special for us.  Although I wasn’t paying full attention, I believe there were a bunch of horses running around and people theatrically simulating sword fighting and jousting.

Overall, the food was amazing and the show was an added bonus.  We were excited to discover this hidden gem of a bistro.

1 Hank


~ by hmsla on January 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Review – Medieval Times”

  1. sophie you should go!!!!!!!!it is really cool,and fun!!!!!!!!!! i went there when i was 11 yrz old nw i’m 14 and i still want to go back !!!!!!!

  2. i went there before i really enjoyed it i miss being there

  3. i think your review has made me want to go next time i am over. it is in LA i hope.

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