Racism in America (An Exposé) Part One

Welcome to part one of my new feature titled “Racism In America (An Exposé)”.

In this article, I begin to uncover what I consider to be a resurgence of blatant racism in our country.

Part One:  Whole Foods is Clearly Racist

While shopping at Whole Foods the other day, a long time suspicion I have had was finally proven.  I have shopped there for several years and there is no doubt that many of the people I’ve seen shopping there are White.   To be fair, I have seen people of color there on occasion (mostly working there), but I think we can all agree that it’s mainly Whites who love paying too much for stuff.

You know what Whites don’t like?  Stereotyping and racism.  That’s why I was appalled by this display.

I say enough is enough.   It begins with garlic and the next thing you know, there are separate drinking fountains and schools all over again.   We need to stop this sort of behavior before it permeates our society.   I have asked Whole Foods to stop selling this racist and smelly food.  So please people, until Whole Foods caves to my demands, please help me by boycotting garlic whether it is White, Black or Asian.

Next Week: Fighting Racism in Furniture Manufacturing


~ by hmsla on December 14, 2009.

One Response to “Racism in America (An Exposé) Part One”

  1. Boycott garlic? I’m just glad you’ll stop eating/showering in garlic, by whatever means. You smell awful.

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